Why Counselling

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Need For Counselling

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In Today’s competitive world , students and their parents are facing a big dilemma of choosing the right path from numerous career and course options available. Immense job opportunities are heard of but there seems a skill-set mismatch between what the industry demands practically and what students are equipped with.

Career counselling can improve the performance of students to a great extent, to enable them to grow physically, mentally and emotionally with the knowledge and freedom to make informed career choices. A career guidance and counselling program develop an individual’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.

Counselling not only helps students to make decisions on their professional careers but also makes them confident and mentally prepared for societal hardships. It helps students to recognize their strengths, sharpen their interests and provide them with career options to explore their dreams. Counselling makes students motivated learners and facilitates their exploration of their career. It is a lifelong process of getting ready to choose, choosing and continuing to make choices from among many occupations available.